Vegan Leather Bags for Fall from Schriver's Boutique


Finding high-quality vegan leather bags can be a real challenge. At one end of the spectrum, you have an abundance of trendy options from retailers like Target that are stylish but don't hold up well beyond a few months.  At the other end, luxury vegan brands online offer vegan leather bags that look realistic and are made to last but cost hundreds of dollars.

If you count yourself among the "Shop Local" crowd, you'll be happy to know about Schriver's Boutique. They not only offer the Joy Susan line of beautiful, high-quality vegan leather bags at an affordable price point, but are located just a few miles away in Maryville and sell online at Just as easy as Amazon, but 100,000% better for your local economy!

"Her bags very high quality—durable, vegan leather bags. The texture and feel are the closest I have ever felt to true leather," says Schriver's owner Kate Kilgore.

"I love them all! We have three styles for fall: the slouchy bucket bag and two sizes of totes that are great for meetings or trips to your favorite local coffee shop. I love the large tote because I can fit all my stuff in it easily. They're classic styles and you can really pair them with anything, from your favorite jeans and boots to those perfect Mata Traders fit and flare dresses in our fall collection!" The slouchy bucket bag is priced at $49, the medium tote is $52, and the large tote is $60. 

I have the chic black and brown slouchy bucket bag, which features a large removable interior pouch and strap that convert into a cute, simple cross-body bag. It's the perfect combo for spontaneous shoppers like me who run errands whenever we can fit them in. I can unclip the center pouch and toss it on, then use the bucket bag to carry books and papers or a few grocery items. With a squared-off bottom, it's structured enough to hold loose items without flopping over, and the substantial handle keeps it on your shoulder or sitting up straight by your chair.


Kilgore's goal for Schriver's Boutique is to offer only brands that are either handmade, sustainable, fair trade, or animal-friendly. "Stocking vegan items (leather specifically) was a no-brainer," she says. "They are much more sustainable and completely cruelty-free. We want to try our best to not add to the extreme cruelty animals face from the leather industry as well as support brands that are making efforts to create alternatives that are better for our planet."

Photo courtesy of Bethany Anderson Photography

Photo courtesy of Bethany Anderson Photography

In business for a little over a year and a half, Schriver's Boutique specializes in modern bohemian clothing and accessories. Borrowing from the seasonal structure of fashion lines, Schriver's releases spring and fall collections, with the autumn 2017 collection launching on September 29th.

This season is a special one for Kilgore: "I am so excited about this collection! Last spring I did a lot of basics—really wearable pieces that could be layered easily—so for fall I really wanted to add in more color, pattern, and texture. Moody floral prints, chunky knits, lace, and on-trend colors like rose quartz and burgundy."

"I like to work with brands and makers that fit within the store's aesthetic: earthy with a modern twist. For clothes and accessories I choose items that are easy to wear but feel stylish. For home items I like them to be unique and inviting. I also love when the creator behind the brand loves what they are making. That really shows through the work." When you visit Schriver's Boutique online or in person, be sure to check out other ethically-driven brands like Mata Traders, which partners with fair-trade organizations in India and Nepal.

You can shop the fall collection at Schriver's Boutique online at and in-store Monday through Thursday from 11am – 6 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11am – 7pm at 106 E. Broadway in Maryville. Unless otherwise noted, all photography is by Melanie Chandler for Knox Vegan.


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