Kitchen Safety (and Cookies!) with Kids

Teaching kids how to cook and bake can be a lot of fun. It’s exciting to see how much they enjoy it, and it’s rewarding for them since they get to eat what they make. Best of all, with vegan cooking and baking, you can snack on most of the ingredients along the way because you don’t have to worry about potentially dangerous undercooked foods. 

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Vegan Leather Bags for Fall from Schriver's Boutique

Finding high-quality vegan leather bags can be a real challenge. At one end of the spectrum, you have an abundance of trendy options from retailers like Target that are stylish but don't hold up well beyond a few months.  At the other end, luxury vegan brands online offer vegan leather bags that look realistic and are made to last but cost hundreds of dollars.

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Where to Find Vegan Breakfast and Brunch in Knoxville

Going out for breakfast or brunch as a vegan can be a real challenge. Many places don't even have a non-dairy milk, so the bare-minimum oatmeal is off the table unless you want it made with (gasp!) water. Is it so hard to offer a tofu scramble? Ranting aside, there are several good vegan breakfast and brunch options in Knoxville.

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