Are New Belgium Beers Vegan? Here's What They Said...

New Belgium beers are everywhere in Knoxville, with at least one on draft and most local drinking establishments of any quality. So when I wanted to try their new Slow Ride Session IPA and my trusty Vegaholic app didn't know if it was vegan, I decided to contact them directly. Here's what they said:

Hi Emily,

I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that every single one of our beers is a vegan product. We've never used any of the animal product-based processing aids, and I don't believe we ever will, as we'd be alienating a good chunk of our consumers and even some of our own employees.



Indeed I am, Heather! Though honestly I expected nothing less - I got to visit the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins last year with my brother, and we had such a wonderful time that by the time the tour ended we were planning on starting our own Knoxville-themed brewery (all the beer names were going to have Knoxville references).

While that has yet to happen, I did come away with a lot of respect for New Belgium, and I always enjoy trying out their new beers—and now, I don't have to worry about whether they're vegan. Score!

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