Knoxville restaurants with vegan options are in red, grocery stores carrying vegan specialty goods are in green, and vegan-friendly retailers/service providers are in blue.

When people find out I'm vegan, one of the first things I often hear is, "Wow, it must be so difficult to go out to eat!" The thing is, that just isn't the case. Even in a mid-sized Southern city like Knoxville, Tennessee, I have tons of options. I go out to eat a lot more than I should, in fact.

The goal of this map is to help you find places to eat while you're out and about. To that end, some of the restaurants I've included only have one good option, and it may require a simple substitution or omission. But hey—there's nothing wrong with a little flexibility and a positive attitude!

This is a perennial work in progress, and if you find a vegan dish or two you love at some hole-in-the-wall dive in Powell or a new, yummy combination at a veg-friendly standby like The Tomato Head, please, let me know!

Also, as I add blog posts and more content, I'll link to them in the map so you have easy access to the info you need. Enjoy!