Where to Find Vegan Breakfast and Brunch in Knoxville

Going out for breakfast or brunch as a vegan can be a real challenge. Many places don't even have a non-dairy milk, so the bare-minimum oatmeal is off the table unless you want it made with (gasp!) water. Is it so hard to offer a tofu scramble? Ranting aside, there are several good vegan breakfast and brunch options in Knoxville.

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Tom + Chee Knoxville: Vegan Comfort Food

The newest Tom + Chee franchise opened on Friday in Knoxville, Tennessee to the delight of locals like me, who have been waiting for an opening date since the sign went up what seems like decades ago.

However, the lack of notice of the soup-and-sandwich chain's opening did nothing to stem the tide. I went for lunch with two friends, and the line curled around inside the restaurant until the tail almost reached the cashiers.

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