6 Vegan Mother's Day Gifts She'll Love


Mother’s Day should be celebrated every day, because let’s face it—moms deserve some recognition for all their hard work. Mother's Day is the perfect holiday for a thoughtful gift or treat, but if the mom you're celebrating is vegan, it can take some extra planning. In Knoxville, there are lots of places to shop for great local gifts and vegan friendly spa services, but your options for vegan mother's day gifts go far beyond that. 

Fortunately, these days there are so many gift options available with just the click of a button. Even if you live across the country from your mother, you can rest assured that there are several things you can do for her to show your appreciation. And if you live in the same town, it will be even easier to arrange for a thoughtful gift on her big day.

Here are a few ways to make your vegan mother feel special.

Make Her a Gourmet Vegan Meal

It may sound simple, but taking the time to go shopping for organic ingredients and then surprising her with a delicious vegan dinner will make her so happy. Try buying her one of these vegan Southern cookbooks, and then make her one of the dishes to show her your excellent taste! And don't forget to treat her to a nice bottle of wine.

Give Her a Subscription to Purple Carrot

If she loves to cook, think about getting her a subscription to Purple Carrot. It works just like Blue Apron, delivering fresh ingredients to her door a few times a week, but it's all plant based! Thanks to you, she'll be able to prepare healthy, delicious meals without having to make the trek to the grocery store.

Start an herb garden

Vegan diets are so flavorful because of the variety of healthy, nutrient rich herbs and veggies they include. If she has the space at her home, consider helping her start an herb garden—which can be done indoors if need be—or get outside, roll up your sleeves, and plant some vegetables. Head to your local nursery for advice on whether to buy seeds or live plants (in May, it depends on the species). Be sure to add any tools she may not have, and pick up some pretty pots or planters while you're there. When she harvests her first cherry tomatoes or tops a pizza with fresh basil, she'll think of you!

Have a wine tasting 

Depending on where you live, local wineries may hold tastings and other events around Mother’s Day. Take her out for the afternoon and treat her to the best the vineyard has to offer, and let her forget all the stressors that life can bring. If you don't live in wine country, have your own tasting for the family! Just remember that not all wines are vegan, so check out your picks at Barnivore.com before you pop that pinot.

Look for vegan-Friendly gifts

While it's easier than ever before to find vegan-friendly items, some things might still take a bit of searching. You might not realize how many things contain animal products until you begin looking—beeswax, honey, lanolin, gelatin, and casein are frequent offenders. She will appreciate you taking the time to find something she loves that also supports her vegan lifestyle. Search for vegan options on Etsy or Ecohabitude for a wide range of choices, or check out vegan-only online stores like Unicorn Goods

Give her some spa time

Make up for some of the stresses of parenthood by getting her a gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, facial or even a full spa day. If you don't get to spend a lot of time together, why not join her? Side-by-side manicures are a great time to catch up. Or, clean her house for her while she's gone for an extra surprise she'll love nearly as much as the day of pampering!

Finding a good gift for a vegan mother may seem difficult on the surface, but it’s really not as hard you think. If all else fails, take her out to dinner and give her a bunch of vegan chocolate. After all, she'll love you no matter what.

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