Cinnaholic (Vegan Bakery) coming soon to Knoxville!

You know that feeling when you go out of town and have vegan food at a restaurant that is so amazing that you seriously consider moving to a new city just to be close to the best food ever? But then you remember your job, family and home and decide that it's not going to work out. So you consider buying all of the inventory, taking it home and freezing it to savor until the next time you can go back to restock?

If this all sounds a bit extreme to you, then I think you need to stop by a new Knoxville bakery (after it opens in October) because this is pretty much the story of how Holly Roe decided to open up a vegan bakery franchise in Knoxville.

Vegan cinnamon buns with toppings

Knoxville's Cinnaholic story

Holly and her family were visiting Colorado where she had her first Cinnaholic experience. She said that the cinnamon bun she had was so delicious that she thought about it for 5 MONTHS until finally got online to research and see if there were any locations in Tennessee (she needed a fix and was willing to drive). When she discovered that there was not a Cinnaholic bakery in Tennessee, she got a bold idea...cut to September 2018 and Holly is planning prepping the FIRST Tennessee Cinnaholic bakery on S. Northshore Drive in Knoxville for a late October opening! 

What you can expect to find

  • A 100% vegan bakery featuring cinnamon buns, toppings to put onto them, edible cookie dough and brownies! If you're like me, then you'll certainly appreciate the ingredients page which they've included on their website.
  • Cinnamon yeast rolls that are made fresh, from scratch daily that are certain to blow your mind
  • About 18 different frosting flavors (including cake batter, caramel, chai, cream cheese and marshmallow) and 20-something toppings (which includes their cookie dough and brownie bites if you really need a sample of everything on your bun) (they're all listed here)
  • Caffeinated beverages including espresso and cappuccino made with craft coffee beans from our local Vienna Coffee Co.
  • Two special fall frosting flavors (Pumpkin Spice and Spiced Apple Cider) just in case you're feeling cozy and basic  
Cinnaholic Northshore Drive Knoxville - We Cater - Serving Vienna Coffee


Obviously these cinnamon buns are going to be great for a sugar fix, but there are more opportunities/excuses to enjoy them! Cinnaholic makes for a great vegan catering option when you want to satisfy some sweet teeth and make everyone love you. For baby showers, they offer "baby buns" which are exactly what they sound like: a bunch of tiny buns that you can eat 15 of and everything is fine, because they were just baby buns. They make "cinnacakes" for birthday parties which is a cake constructed from cinnamon buns.



for birthday parties...or watching yourself