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Cinnaholic (Vegan Bakery) coming soon to Knoxville!

You know that feeling when you go out of town and have vegan food at a restaurant that is so amazing that you seriously consider moving to a new city just to be close to the best food ever? But then you remember your job, family and home and decide that it's not going to work out. So you consider buying all of the inventory, taking it home and freezing it to savor until the next time you can go back restock? If this all sounds a bit extreme to you, then I think you need to stop by a new Knoxville bakery (after it opens in October) because this is pretty much the story of how Holly Roe decided to open up a vegan bakery franchise in Knoxville.

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Meet Knoxville's Prepared Vegan Meal Service, Nourish by VIVE

Step aside, Purple Carrot. Knoxville has its own vegan meal service—and unlike many of its famous competitors, you don't even have to cook the meals (woohoo!). Launched in 2016, Nourish by VIVE offers prepared vegan meals  for individuals and families made with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients—including seasonal and local produce according to availability.

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